Friday, 3 August 2012

Random Thought #41 - Enough With The Adverts

Sometimes Internet, you run slowly … sometimes very slowly. But what really drives me up the wall is when I’m waiting for a page to upload… or wanting to leave a page and down in the corner of the window it says ‘waiting for’ followed by an advert or a link that I’m not even interested in.

I don’t want cheaper insurance. And since October 2011 I have only been on a certain social media site twice. And then it was for about 30 seconds each time.

Your advert that is trying to get my browser to ‘not respond’ is not going to encourage me to click on it.

And one more thing Internet – stop stalking me when it comes to shopping. So I do a bit of browsing looking for a certain product. And then when I check my emails, or go on other people’s blogs, or one of the many, many other social media sites out there, I’m confronted with adverts for what I’ve just been searching for.

Stop it – Internet I will ask for your help when I want it. Stalking me is not going to get me to buy anything any faster…

Now do what I actually want you to do and stop with the adverts!

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