Friday, 17 August 2012

A New Class Of Moron

Way back during the A To Z Challenge 2011 I defined three classes of moron.

Well I have recently discovered a new class of moron. This type of moron usually frequents the game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3... and they are usually not alone.

When playing Call Of Duty online there are various games you can play. For example you can play a straight up team deathmatch (kill the opposing team), you can play domination (capture three bases), the list goes on.

Well there is a specific game called Infected. Basically the game starts, one person becomes 'infected' and they have to 'infect' everyone else. You win by either infecting everyone or surviving until the end.

Now on some of the maps in Call Of Duty there are what I call hidey holes. They are usually dead ends. No one can come up behind you, there is only one entrance.

This is where the moron comes in... and they usually come in twos.

You see when you play Call Of Duty online, if you have more than one controller, you can have someone play the game with you, whilst sat in the same room.

So moron number one gets infected, moron number two finds a hidey hole, and moron number one block the entrance to said hiding place.

This mainly works if moron number two is the last survivor as you cannot kill your own team mates.

What is the point in playing the game if you are going to cheat?

Now I have taken to leaving these games as I don't want to play with such idiots. However my brother has said that I should be able to report people for doing this... it is ruining the game for other people after all.

So if you are a category four moron either stop this or hope you don't come across me... because as of now I will report you.

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