Friday, 3 February 2012

Random Thought #37 - Blogging Problems

I tried to unsubscribe from a blog (I will not name the blog). It's not that it's not a good blog, it just wasn't interesting me anymore.

So I unsubscribed... but every so often the blog in question reappears in my blog list - it's stalking me!

I recently found out that blogger intends to stop allowing you to subscribe to non blogger blogs using Google Friend Connect... perhaps that will sort out the problem.

The other problem I have is that on this blog (it doesn't do it on my writing blog for some reason) when I go to update my blog list down there on the right hand side when I click save it just sits there supposedly 'saving...'. in the end I have to click cancel otherwise I'd be there forever.

I thought maybe I should delete it and try adding the gadget again but then it just sits there 'deleting...' forever and a day.

I tried looking it up and discovered that other people have the same problem... but no one has an answer... yet.

Then I noticed that the list had vanished. So I tried adding it again. But it wouldn't seem to save. So I clicked the 'X' button to get rid of it and when I checked my layout it had saved it.

Confusion reigns!

Any weird technical problems happening round your blogs recently?

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Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

I think you may be haunted. mmmmwwwaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa