Friday, 6 January 2012

Random Thought #35 - Why... Just Why?

Dear TV Programme People

Why, oh why do you insist on putting half a season of a programme on TV and then suddenly stop showing it?

I was enjoying Pan Am season 1, The Mentalist season 4, The Rachel Zoe Project season 3, to name a few. (Granted all of season 3 of Rachel Zoe was shown sometime last year but that's no excuse.)

I don't know who you are trying to please by doing this but it certainly isn't me! In fact it's not just in recent times that you done this. I remember you doing this a couple of years ago with a season of Desperate Housewives AND with a previous season of The Mentalist.

Just show the whole season!!!

1 comment:

Chippy said...

Ok... so it turns out that The Rachel Zoe Project Season 3 was just a really short season... but that's no excuse for the others!