Friday, 6 August 2010

A Tale of Five Fish: Part 4 - Another Update

It has just occured to me that maybe this 'saga' should now be called 'The Tale of One Fish'.

For any of you that are wondering - MAC THE FISH STILL LIVES!!!!!

His tail appears to be very slowly growing back, and he has a couple of black marks on it that are apparently a sign of healing.

Black marks can also mean a parasite but it is unlikely for three reasons:
  1. They are too big and aren't uniform enough to be a parasite
  2. Mac is still alive and a parasite would probably have killed him by now
  3. Mac can't be that unlucky - to lose 4 tank mates, his tail and then get a parasite!
My mum won't buy any more fish though until his tail has regrown, just in case.

I suppose this story really has become a fishy tail! *groan*

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