Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Look a Lot Younger Than I Am!

That is enough to have everyone hating me but it can be a little irritating at times to be constantly asked for ID. It's not so bad when going in to clubs and bars - the bouncers have a quick look, see what year I was born and in I go...granted I am usually dolled up to the nines as well. Make-up and the right clothes do make me look slightly older...but only slightly, probably by about a month or something! ;-)

Anyway when it is really irritating is when I have a lack of make-up, I'm wearing my uniform of t-shirt, jeans and Converse, and I try to get in to a film or buy alcohol.

I recently went to see a film rated a '12' and when I looked at the ticket later the assistant had put me through the till as a teenager...which I haven't been for six years now. On the plus side it meant I got in slightly cheaper, but that was the assistant's fault not mine. Anyway a couple of years ago I went to see a film rated '15' with my younger brother and I was the one who got asked for ID!

Next irritating incident happened a couple of weeks ago when I went to buy alcohol from a supermarket, which I don't do a lot because of the confusion my age causes. I had my drivers license out ready as I knew that I would be asked, it is their job to ask. You always see those signs that say 'think 21' or sometimes 'think 25'. If I can't get in to a film rated '15' without being asked what are the odds I can pass for 21?
So back to the story I hand the check-out assistant my ID when prompted and she must have stared at it for a full minute. She then placed it on the counter while I was packing my shopping bags. Before I could pick it up she asked me what my date of birth was and picked it back up and continued to stare at it for another 30 seconds. She then told me that I don't look it and let me have my license back.

One good thing about looking so much younger is the look on people's faces when they ask me how old I am. It was recently my birthday and some of my colleagues were completely gobsmacked when I told them age. The look of astonishment is always priceless! Although I am sick of hearing 'You'll appreciate it when you're older.' Yes I probably will appreciate it when I'm older..but right now it gets on my nerves.

As you can see from my experience looking younger than I am has it's pros and cons.

Another of my colleagues recently asked my age as we were discussing going out and she said I didn't look old enough. I told her and she then told me how old she thought I looked. The answer to how old do I look does tally with my experiences.

So I can declare that I have recently turned the tender old age of 25...but I only look 17!

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