Sunday, 12 June 2016

Previously On Creatively Speaking...

Creatively Speaking came about on my other blog - the Creative Life (which may or may not still exist when you read this).

Last year when I challenged myself to do something creative every day (which I managed - all except my birthday - but if you are going to take a day off!). From March last year until the end of the year I also included doing something writing related every day.

So each week I would have a recap of creative things I had done that week, even if one day it had just been painting my nails, colouring in a page in a colouring book or reading some of a writing reference book.

So with the decision to condense my two blogs in to one I also decided to move Creatively Speaking over to this blog.

It's taken me a while to get round to this since deciding to cease writing on my other blog (but I have mentioned that I can be quite a lazy blogger!)

So here's how I think Creatively Speaking will evolve now it has moved. I will continue posting about my recent (hopefully) creative output (hopefully every week) but will intersperse these posts with posts about other creative things - there's a whole world of creative YouTubers out there!

Speaking of YouTubers on my old creative blog I also occasionally posted links and videos that I had found motivational and/or helpful, something I plan to continue over here.

Til the next Creatively Speaking post (which, as this was a recap, will technically be the first).

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