Friday, 10 October 2014

I Have Too Many! T-Shirts: Take Two

A while back now I posted about how I had too many t-shirts.

Well it was only really a half a*sed attempt. I wasn't sure I'd got all my t-shirts and I ended up showing my readers a measly 15 t-shirts. So I thought I'd take another run at it - a whole 3 and a half years later.

So this is going to be a fairly picture heavy post. You may recognise a few t-shirts from the previous post and you may notice that there are some missing :( and some new editions :)

I would have posted this sooner only I was missing the last couple of t-shirts and they have only recently resurfaced.

P.S. this does not include the plain t-shirts that I wear to work or the t-shirts I wear in bed... if I added all those I'd have to split this post in to at least 2 parts.

So on to the photos...

So it would appear I know have 30 t-shirts of this kind.

I was inspired to take another run at this post by IISuperwomanII as she celebrated her 300th video. She has many, many more t-shirts than me :)

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