Friday, 25 July 2014

Is It Just Me...?

I've realised recently that I like to look at other people's houses. Not in a stand outside and stare at a house kind of way... that would be weird.

But going on property websites like Zoopla and looking at the photos of the interiors of big and fancy houses.

And turning my nose up at some of their decor choices. Which I know I would be able to change if it were my house (and had the money to buy such a house). Some houses make you want to drool they are so gorgeous.

I think this partly stems from a book I had as a child about a mouse who was an architect.

And the book was filled with drawings of houses he'd designed for various animals. For example he made a water side house for a frog that was mainly made up of platforms that looked like lilypads.

But anyway...

Is it just me?

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