Friday, 21 March 2014

Random Thought #55 - 10 Years Old

It occurred to me a couple of weeks that something I own is 10 years old.

In fact it's older then 10... it's about 10 and 1/2 now.

It's my alarm clock!

I bought this alarm clock (minus the butterfly sticker) just before I went away to university, which was back in 2003.

And it still works... I've probably only changed the batteries about 1/2 a dozen times... if that.

And eagle eyed readers will notice that my alarm is set for 07:04.

That is not because I have to get up at precisely 07:04. No as this alarm clock has gotten older it gains time slightly... no matter how many times I correct it.

If I put it to the correct time in a couple of weeks it will be back to being 4 minutes fast. So rather than try and beat the alarm clock I decided to join it by adjusting the alarm time.

So I'm actually getting up at 07:00.

So a happy belated 10th birthday to my alarm clock!

1 comment:

Jo said...

How funny.

My alarm clock is considerably older and is electric which is OK so long as there isn't a power cut. However, my CPAP machine has an alarm and unless the power stays off, that will stay at the right time.