Friday, 14 February 2014

My Own Personal Summer & Winter Equinoxes

This happens every year... twice a year in fact.

I have my very own personal Summer and Winter Equinoxes. They have nothing to do with it getting light or dark early like the regular equinoxes that everyone goes through.

No mine concerns clothes.

And I've already had my Winter Equinox. As far as I remember it was just after New Year when I realised that I was over Winter. I am now fed up of wearing gloves and scarves. And boot and woolly jumpers.

I want to wear sun dresses and cooler shoes (by cooler I mean the temperature of my feet not how cool they look - I have some cool looking boots).

And Spring will roll around and I will start to wear such items of clothing.

And then towards the end of July/the beginning of August I will have my Summer Equinox. When I will declare that I'm fed up of it being so hot and that I now want to wear jumpers and scarves etc.

Right now I can't see how that will be possible... after all I live in the UK, a lot of which is currently either underwater or being battered by the wind.

So what chance does summer have? Will we have a summer, and will I want to end?

I can guarantee it... no matter what the weather is like come Summer I will have my Summer Equinox. :)

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Jo said...

From all I hear the UK is in a right mess at the moment. We are getting snow here which I have been told is heading to the UK next, on top of all that rain it will be delightful I think.