Friday, 2 August 2013

Boys & Girls Of Every Age...

...wouldn't you like to hear something strange?

Yes I am well aware that the line is actually 'wouldn't you like to see something strange?' But this post is about hearing not seeing... so there :P

Anyway it isn't Halloween and it's quite a while until Christmas but I've recently had some of the songs to The Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in my head (it probably doesn't help that I have some of them on my MP3 does it?).

My favourite song from the original soundtrack is Jack's Lament sang by Danny Elfman... I even know most of the words.

The song actually starts at about 0.53.

Now some of you out there might not know that there is an 'alternate' soundtrack - Nightmare Revisited. This album is basically the original soundtrack just sang by other people - well known bands and singers. Some of them are a little on the creepy side - yes Korn's version of 'Kidnap The Sandy Claws' I am looking at you.

One of my favourites from this alternate soundtrack is 'This Is Halloween' by Marilyn Manson.

I have another favourite song fromt his film that is sung by someone else... but it isn't on the aforementioned album! On the Nightmare Revisited album 'What's This?' is sung by Flyleaf. But my sister found a version on YouTube by Fall Out Boy which is more my taste.

The song starts at about 0.35.

What are your favourite songs from this movie?

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SparklingMinx said...

I admit, I do mcuh prefer the Fall Out Boy version to 'What's This' but I do like Jack's Lament as well though the Poor Jack song is very similar and I don't know why but I like the line 'Well, what the heck, I went and did my best,'. It's one of those lines if you know what I mean (and you should cos you know me!) =3