Friday, 28 June 2013

Steampunking It Up!

A couple of weeks ago me and my sister all went to a local Steampunk event.

Steampunk?!?! What's Steampunk?

Well I'll give you a moment to go and find out what Steampunk is if you don't already know.

*whistles and twiddles thumbs*

Aah - you're back... so we went to a Steampunk event. Some people dressed up - I find people who dress in a steampunk manner always put so much effort in - corsets, bustles, top hats, goggles, the works.

But anyway it was fun. Me and my sister went around the event a fair few times trying to make our minds up as to what to buy... cos we had to buy something didn't we?

Before I show you what I bought I want to say cherry scone I had was scrummy. And from what I can gather these were made by Vintage Teas Of Doncaster. Some scones can be like rocks - but not these. And the bite of my sister's coffee (and walnut?) cake was delicious too.

Now I have photos of what I bought but didn't take any photos of the actual event... for some reason or other - my brain was clearly focussing on shopping not photography. But my sister has plenty of photos on her blog - The Novice Cosplayer.

So back to what I bought.

First up I bought these wrist warmer type things - not sure when I'll wear them but... they pretty!

Then I got these two hair clips and some wooden keys. This was after much umming and aahing. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the keys for yet... a necklace or two perhaps?

Cog O' Two
And the last things I bought were another hair clip/barrette thing and a necklace.

Skewwers Steampunk
There were loads of other stalls but these were the only ones I bought stuff from. My sister went to a couple of other stalls so like I mentioned earlier go and check out her blog as linked above.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I find the Steampunk culture fascinating. It's a mix of the old and the new in perfect proportion. Thanks for sharing Chippy!

SparklingMinx said...

Maybe you should make some wooden locks for your keys, it's a thought! =D