Friday, 5 April 2013

E is For Ebullient

Day 5 is here and so on we go to the letter E in the A To Z Challenge. This one took me a little longer to find. The previous four letters I found a word a didn't know on the very first page - about the fourth or fifth entry. But this one was more difficult to find - I seem to know quite a few words that begin with E - well words that begin with 'ea' anyway (I'm not saying I know all the words that begin with 'es' - just the ones in the dictionary that I am using).

Today's formerly unknown to me word is:

ebullient adj full of enthusiasm or excitement [Latin ebullire to bubble forth, be boisterous] ebullience n

Til tomorrow!


Andi said...

I like this one! I liked the others too...but this one I think I am going to try and work into a sentence. No one will see it coming! Brilliant! Thanks for going through the dictionary...perfect idea! And fun!

Rosalind Adam said...

I suppose you could use effervescent as well. Are you making sure you use all these words in everyday conversation?

Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

Anonymous said...

Not enough people use ebullient. It is a lovely word. :)

Jo said...

I know the word, but confess I never use it.


Anonymous said...

Great word! Perfect E day post!

Trisha F said...

This is a great word. And I like your A to Z theme :) I always think I should read the dictionary more, to expand my knowledge!