Friday, 15 June 2012

Why Didn't They...?

Source. From L-R: Susan, Lynette, Gaby, Bree
I watched almost every episode of Desperate Housewives. I lost interest with it about half way through the final series.

But one thing about one of the major story lines keeps bugging me.

When Gaby’s abusive stepfather Alejandro, who was supposed to be dead, showed up at her house and was hit on the head and accidentally killed by her husband Carlos, why didn’t they call the police?

If you want to see the scene without dialogue click here - this was the only clip I could find of it so it only has the music.

I don’t see the reason given as being good enough – that Carlos would go to prison – why should he have done? Yeah he’s been to prison before but that was under different circumstances.

Gaby herself said just after her friends walked in and saw the body that Carlos was just protecting her – so why should they try and cover it up?

It’s not like Carlos tied him up and then went at him with a chainsaw. Or tied him to a tree and used him as target practice. Or… well the list could go on forever.

What he did was he saw his wife in the house with a strange man. He could clearly see that she was terrified. He went in, picked up the first object he found (which did look a little on the heavy side) and hit his wife’s attacker on the head with it. It’s not his fault that the guy died.

Carlos said that he killed an unarmed man – neither Gaby nor Carlos knew that the guy was unarmed at the time.

Did I miss something?

If it had ended up in Court and I’d have been the Judge I’d have let Carlos off. Just like I would have let Nicholas Cage go free in Con Air. So what if he used a manoeuvre he learnt in the army to kill that guy? He was protecting himself, his wife and his unborn child from the unwanted attentions of an authority-hating, knife-wielding d*ckhead.

If the guy didn’t want to die he shouldn’t have started anything, should he? Con Air would be a very different story if I had been the Judge (but it is still a good film – ‘put the bunny back in the box’).

I reckon I'd have made a great Judge.

Prosecution: But your Honour my client was shot by the owner of the house he was burgling.

Judge Chippy: Well tough. He shouldn’t have been breaking the law, by breaking and entering, in the first place. Case dismissed, next please.

And one last thing before I end this post; on Desperate Housewives did anyone ever question why Gaby’s supposedly dead stepfather wasn’t actually dead to start with? Did he fake his own death or what? And why did the police have a missing person report on him if he was supposed to be dead already? Or was this all explained after I stopped watching?

Here endeth the rant!

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