Friday, 18 November 2011

Whitby In November... cold.

The other week I went to the Whitby Goth Weekend. I seemed to mention it constantly on my writing blog, even though it was in no way writing related (I was using it as an excuse for no NaNo-ing - yes NaNoWriMo is upon us).

I went during the Whitby Goth Weekend. I felt a little under dressed in my purple jeans and purple Dr Martens. I'd decided to not go completely in black because that's not me... I did put on eye makeup which I don't usually do when I'm not at work or going out at night. But I only did that to avoid being mistaken for a child... like the other day when a shop assistant who was probably younger than me asked the man ahead of me if it was alright for her to serve 'this little girl first'. I came very closer to shouting 'I'm 26' at her but thought better of it.

It rained for the first two hours that we were in Whitby so we got a little bit wet to say the least but it was better than being at work.

There were some pretty cool vehicles there too. I didn't get a picture of the Rolls Royce hearse but there is one on Dolly Cool Clare's blog - if you scroll down about two thirds of the way down the page you can see the hearse there. And some other pictures of Whitby.

I actually bought some jewellery from Dolly Cool a couple of months ago, that I really want to blog about because they are indeed cool... so I will try and do that before the end of the year... which is also fast approaching.

Anyway back to Whitby. I took some photos, not of any of the Goth things that were going off. I feel odd about approaching strangers and asking to take their photos so I didn't bother.

I went all the way to Whitby, across the misty North York Moors, which was a little scary, and what did I take a picture of?

A robin! A slightly demonic looking robin but a robin all the same... they are so cute.

So anyway before I sign off on this random post about Whitby I thought I'd mention a charity that was at the Goth Weekend - The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Sophie Lancaster was a girl who was kicked to death in 2007 purely because she looked different. The people - and I use the term loosely - who did it are a waste of space and resources.I know I'm incredibly naive when I wonder why we can't just all get along.

You can get some pretty cool merchandise to help show your support - well I think it's cool anyway. Good designs to help get the message across.

Til my next post... toodles!

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Amaris in Wonderland said...

I would love to be mistaken for a younger girl without my eye makeup! :D Unfortunately, without my brows or lashes, i'm usually mistaken for a baby bald eagle. :/

I've been lurking in & around the internet, enjoying your posts for some time. Thought i'd say hi! :)