Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Random Thought #32 - I'll Just Have To Walk A Little Further

After about a month of torture I have decided to start using a different bus stop. So I'll  have to walk slightly further... and quicker to catch the bus in a morning.

Why? Well it's very simple why... if I don't start using a different bus stop the school children stood at my usual bus stop will drive me completely insane!

I know they are only kids but there are only so many stupid questions, Donald Duck impersonations, shouting and general messing about that I can stand.

You want further proof that I need to change bus stops? Well here it is:

  1. Occasionally school children approaching the bus stop will ask their friends who are already standing at the bus stop 'Are you getting the bus?' (The word duh springs to mind).
  2. One child asked another 'Have you ever been to Greggs?' Which to some of you may mean nothing but in the UK Greggs is a chain of bakers, and I would have been astonished if the answer had been 'no'. Which is wasn't.
  3. Ten minutes of constant requests for one boy to say different things like Donald Duck is enough to drive anyone mad!
  4. The bus stops in my area have a bit in the middle with timetables and other information on either side. This part of the bus stop is movable. One child, clearly entertained by simple things, likes to play with this by spinning it round... and round... and round... you get the picture.
  5. The other day when I arrived at the bus stop I was informed by a girl that the bus had already been. I ignored her and a couple of minuted later the bus arrived... more or less on time (the buses never run on time so 'more or less' will have to do).
  6. This one is the one that really got the irritation cycle going for me. I honestly could not believe that someone said this. I was absolutely speechless otherwise I might have said something to the boy in question. On the 14th September 2011 the aforementioned Donald Duck impersonator asked his friend, 'When does 9/11 start?' (OMG!!!!)
You see what sort of creatures I'm up against. I'm sure I wasn't as bad as that when I was at school (someone please tell me I wasn't!).

So to avoid me having a nervous breakdown (I've already got one of those lined up at work!) I'm going to start going to a different bus stop.

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