Friday, 10 December 2010

Random (Extended) Thought #17 - Giving Students a Bad Name

This random thought is going to be an extended random thought, actually it is a minor rant.

Yesterday the government decided that they would be raising tuition fees. Naturally most of the students were not pleased about this.
If it had happened when I was a student I wouldn't have been very happy either. Now for the peaceful protesters out there - well done for being peaceful and going about things in a civilised, intelligent manner.

As for the more violent student protesters out there well...they aren't going to really accomplish a lot are they? I would have thought that they are going to be unlikely to get a degree of any kind if they think attacking the car that belongs to the next in line to the throne would achieve anything other than them being arrested.

If they had used their brains - the things that they should use during their studies - they would have realised almost immediately that the tuition fees debate has nothing to do with Prince Charles or any of the Royal family. I could understand, although I wouldn't condone it, if it had been the car of an MP.

So the students out there that have been peacefully protesting will now be tarred with the same brush as the few who decided to turn violent, resorting to graffiti and vandalism.

And really the violent few ought to be more than a little ashamed of themselves for letting the side down.

I now declare this minor rant over!


Paul said...

You don't think that such an obvious symbol of obscene wealth was like a red rag to a kettled bull? A pompous mother's boy and serial adulterer who owns half of Britain with the woman he used to break his marriage vows? The son of the head of the state that's clobbering students (with cuts, price rises and truncheons)?

Chippy said...

Whether it is a symbol of obscene wealth or not is beside the point. Spraying graffiti everywhere and smashing the hell out of someone's car, no matter whose car it is, is pathetic and as I said will give all students a bad name.
And does anyone really think that any of the Royal family gets a say in anything to do with running the country? Let alone something as specific as tuition fees. The age when what the monarch says goes was left behind long ago.