Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Bargain Hunter Strikes Again!

Although men are often seen as the hunter gatherers, evolution has created a type of woman who can rival the male hunter and get a thrill from it too. They are the 'Bargain Hunters'.

And as a bargain hunter myself I want to point out I'm not referring to some TV show where you buy antiques [although antiques bargain hunters no doubt exist – and by that I don't mean they are really old ;-)]. I mean a true bargain hunter, the type who bides their time. Who doesn't just grab the first thing they can find because it's 50% off.

I just had one of those triumphant moments when a good game of bargain hunting has taken place.

Time period: 1 week

Hunting ground: eBay and Amazon

Prey: a pair of boots

I wasn't sure at first if I would really like this particular style of boot. I thought in the wrong colour they would look a little too masculine for me. But then I found them in the most perfect colour. Any guesses? That's right – purple. Well they are actually lilac but I don't discriminate between shades of purple - I love them all! 

These boots however retail at £100! But on Amazon [one of my favourite online shopping venues, along with Etsy] I found a pair for £56. I still thought this was a little high and so, while I waited for pay day to come back round I decided to make enquiries elsewhere.

On eBay I found a pair that were the ankle length version of the boots I had seen [those one being calf length]. At the time they were going for £10.50 with 6 days left. So I put in a maximum bid of £25.

I was immediately outbid…by 10p!

I decided I didn't want to let them go for an amount so close to my maximum bid and so I added a miserly £1.50 on top of my original bid and suddenly I was winning.

Meanwhile on Amazon the price for the calf length boots was running at £53. For two days I kept going back to eBay, praying that I wasn't outbid but knowing that in reality I would have been. For two days my bid was the highest – TWO DAYS!

But inevitably I was outbid with one day to go. More bidding had taken place and I wasn't prepared to go higher than the current high bid.

Dejected I traipsed off to Amazon to gaze longingly at the calf length boots [that to be honest I'd always preferred to the ankle boots – and I'm not just saying that because I was outbid]. I clicked on my 'wish list' and the boots appeared on my screen.

But what was this? The price had changed again. They were now…


Needless to say I have bought them…and that bargain hunting thrill has certainly brightened up my day! :D

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