Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Tale of Five Fish: Part 2

So where were we? Oh yes, first Horatio had gone, then Gibbs and quick on his tail Grissom. And now there was another body at the bottom of the tank.

Was it Mac or was it Simon [Patrick Moriarty]?

It would seem that after all that had been, good had finally conquered evil in some way unknown to us mere human beings.

Simon [Patrick Moriarty] was the next to have died, his body getting wedged in one of the plastic flowers in the tank.

Clearly Mac must be a descendant of Sherlock Holmes...although I have now taken to calling him Mack the Knife.

Mac seems perfectly OK now but he has taken to drifting around the bottom of the tank...we think he's lonely without his crime investigating friends. However until we are sure that he is OK he will have to remain alone...poor Mac [the Knife Holmes].

On the plus side he doesn't have to fight to get food any more.

Now I am well aware that this is a slight anticlimax but what did you expect? They are fish. There wasn't going to be a struggle and tumble down a waterfall now was there? ;)

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Helen Baggott said...

What a sad fish tail...