Friday, 7 May 2010

Michael Buble and Naturally 7

Just a short post today as I had to tell you all about what I got up to yesterday.

Last night I went to see Michael Buble in concert at Sheffield Arena.There are a number of words to describe the night but the one that springs most to mind is:


It was absolutely fantastic - I expected it to be good but it practically blew my mind with how great it was.

A big surprise were his supporting act who I hadn't really heard of before yesterday - Naturally 7
Naturally 7 make all their music with their voices, which I hadn't realised when I listened to a bit of their music before heading out to Sheffield. If you don't know that there aren't any actual instruments, other than their voices, you can't tell just by listening.

Check them out!

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jenny wilson said...

Wow I love Micheal Buble.. glad you had a good time