Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Other Hobby...

When I first started this blog I said that it wouldn't always be about writing. So as I stood at my 'mannequin' attempting to adjust a dress I thought why not blog about that too.
Granted some of the customisations are only a matter of adjusting them slightly for a better fit.
For example, the item I am adjusting now is a Jane Norman dress that I got in a sale. The main base colour is a dark grey-purple, with a dotted flower pattern in dark pink, lilac and white. It is a polyester dress that looks like it is made of a satin style fabric. I had seen it in a UK size 12; however this would have been far too big for me. Then one day whilst browsing the racks I found it in a size 8.
Now you are about to hate me. I find that when it comes to Jane Norman I have to get a size 6. A lot of other shops I am a UK size 8 to 10, however in Jane Norman their sizes do appear to be one smaller. So if you are a size 8, you become a 6; a size 10, you are now an 8; and so on and so forth.
Anyway I knew I would have to adjust the dress but I really wanted it so I got it, I have had it some time now and I have only just got around to adjusting it around the shoulders and bust line.
Which brings me on to my other recent project - I made myself a mannequin. To buy one that would adjust down to my size would have cost me a lot.
Making it was the result of my sister wrapping me in duct tape, cutting the result off me, tape it back up and stuffing it. I found the instructions to do this on YouTube, by simply searching for 'duct tape body form' or 'how to make a body form'. I adapted mine by putting a large postal tube down the centre of it so I could attach it to the top of my easel.
And as a result, I now have a 'mannequin' which is my size (give or take 2 or 3 layers of duct tape). If you have a go yourself, be warned:
  1. Go to the toilet first
  2. You will get to a point where you cannot move the top of your legs or arms very well - don't panic!
  3. Put an old t-shirt underneath to stick the tape to, preferably one you don't mind cutting up.
  4. Take your time - the YouTube videos may do it in 10 minutes, however they have been sped up.
  5. Make sure you have plenty of duct tape - you do not want to run out half way through.
So as I have an immense pile of clothes to customise I may as well tell you what I get up to with it - however I probably won't be putting up pictures of the finished product, maybe one day in the future but not just yet.
Stayed tuned for more writing and customising adventures!

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