Wednesday 28 September 2011

I Finally Cracked It!

For a few years now I have been unable to French braid my hair. It always went catastrophically wrong. And then I got frustrated and gave up.

But I have finally been able to French braid my hair with the help of Torrin Paige on Youtube. You may remember me giving her a special mention in my Y is For... Youtube post back in April.

So anyway I love her videos... whatever they are about. I love her hair tutorials, her nail tutorials, her vlogs. She always makes me smile.

So I watched her video on how to French braid and now... I can French braid as well!

However I did lose concentration the first time I tried it after watching this video and ended up with half a French braid and half a Dutch braid!

Which is no mean feat I must say. I had no idea where I'd gone wrong until I watched the Dutch braid video and watched the French braid video again!

For those who don't know a Dutch braid is also know as an inside out French braid - so you can probably understand my confusion when I ended up with a hairstyle that was half of one and half of another.

I really like her. But if you don't like hair, nails, enchiladas, books and various other things she probably will be of no interest to you. But don't go over to Youtube and leave nasty comments like the haters out there or you will be branded a category 3 moron!

Monday 26 September 2011

Saturday 24 September 2011

Do You think This Is Bad Manners?

I have a relative... who I won't name, even though they are unlikely to read this but you never know. So anyway I have a relative, whose wife had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Now we haven't seen them since before the birthday and so we haven't been able to give her her present yet.
However the relative went up to another relative of mine, who we had recently visited, and asked if we had left the present with them.

Now we had never mentioned a present, we hadn't told them there was a present to be collected at some point. They just assumed there was a present to be had. Which my immediate family and I think is really really rude.

This relative does this a lot. If you dare to forget their anniversary or something, or you post your card and it is late, they become almost unbearable. I would never go up to someone and say 'where's my present?' But they do. My Dad said a few years ago he told the relative that you don't ask things like that. To which the relative replied 'I do'.

Just to show how different two sides of a family can be. A couple of years ago when my sister turned 17 the aforementioned relative said that they would give her some money as a present the following week. And then they forgot. And we have never mentioned it. Well we moaned about it amongst ourselves. And it came up again as a conversation topic due to this recent incident. But we never actually went up to them and told them that they owed my sister a present.

You could understand if they were children. Children say what they think. They could be forgiven for that. But given that the wife is 9 years older than me and the relative is 18 years older then me... and I am 26... well what do you think about it?

Is it rude of them or should we be hammering on their door demanding my sister's 17th birthday present?

Monday 19 September 2011

I Wish I Hadn't Watched That! - Worst Movies Ever Blogfest

Today is the day that Alex J Cavanaugh is hosting the Worst Movies Ever Blogfest.

All you have to do is:

" a list of up to ten of the worst movies you’ve ever had the misfortune to watch. Films that just oozed awfulness and featured plot holes so big you could drive a bus through them. Any genre or year, but only theater and straight to video/DVD titles. (Otherwise we’d all list every movie ever made by the SyFy Channel!)"

I really had to think about this I tend to forget films that I didn't like. I remember the ones I love but the ones that are rubbish get erased from my memory fairly quickly.

So I compiled a list. Now some of these are films where I haven't seen all of the film. I try to give films a chance but some I just had to give up on before the end. So you never know the film might have picked up right after I stopped watching. But as I don't intend to ever watch them again I guess I'll never know.

No doubt some of you will disagree with some of my choices... but I'll probably disagree with some of your too.

In no particular order of hideousness:

Fun With Dick & Jane - Four words Jim Carrey - what were you thinking? Seriously we know he can make good movies - Bruce Almighty before this and Yes Man after are proof - so where did this come from? I can barely remember what it was about it was so dull.

Click - as I was watching this film, at first I thought it was average. But there is a particular scene in it that took it from an average film to a film worthy of the 'worst' film title. For those who were unfortunate enough to watch this film and were wondering the scene involves David Hasselhoff.

The Libertine - I'll admit I didn't watch all of this but the twenty or thirty minutes that I did watch were not exactly exciting... you would have thought given the subject matter and the fact that Johnny Depp was starring that it was would have been a 'thrilling romp'... but it was boring. His character was no Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka or Sweeny Todd.

Even if you tell me that it was brilliant after the first thirty minutes I will not be revisiting.

Le Divorce - in my opinion this film was too close to real life to make it entertaining. I know we want movies to be believable but this was tedious. I work at a solicitors office so I see divorce files everyday... and that is more interesting than this film was.

There are other films out there that are no doubt just as boring, dull or tedious that escape me at the moment. There are also films out there that I thought about putting in this list but they are not necessarily the 'worst' films I've ever seen. What I didn't like about them was that they fall in to the modern version of horror - throw enough blood and gore around and no one will notice the lack of plot... they just grossed me out. *shudders* In fact there is one film that just the trailer creeped me out to the point that I refuse to watch the actual film... *shudders again*

Now I'm off to watch some films that I love and to put all these bad films behind me :)

Random Quote #49

*stabs Theron and holds sword into his body* This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I am not your Queen!

Queen Gorgo

300 (2006)

(You really have to have seen this film to understand this quote)

Friday 16 September 2011

Random Thought #31 - School Supplies

You've Got Mail is one of my favourite films. It's just a really lovely film - there are no other words to describe it other than lovely.

And recently as Autumn has started to descend on us and school has started back up a quote from this film has sprung to mind.

[NY152 writing to shopgirl]: Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

Now I don't live in New York but I do always feel the need to buy school supplies at this time of year.

I used to love getting new pens and a new pencil case, notebooks etc. I was a little bit of a nerd at school.

So now when the need to buy such items arises I tend to try and stick to art supplies, sketch pads, pencils and the like.

And I love the image of a bouquet of pencils! :)

Wednesday 14 September 2011

How Is That Possible?

The other day I saw this trailer for The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp.

At first I thought it looked like quite a serious film but after watching the trailer it looks as though it might be quite funny in places.

I'm not 100% sure what the story is meant to be about but there is something that puzzles me even more...

How the hell can Johnny Depp, him being the main man in the trailer as if you didn't already know, be forty-eight years old?

And is it just me that thinks it is a little funny that Johnny Depp is in a film called The Rum Diary?

Monday 12 September 2011

Random Quote #48

Jonah: I am going to kill you, and then I'm going to defile your corpse.

Piper: Between now and then... I'ma f**k you up.

Drive Angry (2011)

Friday 9 September 2011

Cruella Est Fantastique

Although not my favourite Disney baddie I must admit Cruella De Vil is pretty bad. Whilst checking out my recommendations on Youtube I came across Disney film clips that were in languages other than English.

And I clicked on Cruella De Vil in French. Now she is great as an English woman but she's fantastic as a French woman. I don't know what it is...

If you want to skip forward to when Cruella actually comes in it is at about 0:50

Isn't she fabulous?

Monday 5 September 2011

Random Quote #47

It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday 4 September 2011

Random Thought #30 - Too Little Money & Space

You may remember back in April and the A to Z Blogging Challenge that for the letter 'E' I posted about the website Etsy.

Well I would now like to declare something - I hate Etsy! Erm... that's actually a lie. I don't hate Etsy at all.

I LOVE Etsy!

What I hate is that there are soooooooo many absolutely gorgeous things on there that I want...

I currently have 47 items in my favourites on Etsy... and 27 are still available. I could go on there right now and buy them.

Some of them I can actually afford to buy, others I can't. So the problem is not the items I can't afford. I can just drool over the photographs.

The problem is the items I can afford, that I really want, and can see me having. In particular there are several vintage dresses I need to complete my life want.

They are stunning, I can afford them, I'm sure I can find occasions to wear the fancier ones to.

So what is the problem I hear you say?

Well just because I have this sign above my wardrobe door...

...does not make it true! (Well actually my wardrobe is too small but that's not the point)

At the moment if I took the hanging rail out of my wardrobe everything would stay where it is floating in mid air.

That does have a little to do with the amount of non clothes related crap that is at the back of my wardrobe but mainly it is the sheer amount of clothes that are in there. And I know that I need to clear some of the crap out of there - both clothes and non clothes.

I keep thinking 'I'll wait until pay day.' The only thing is that last time I 'waited until pay day' I was too late and the item had gone. :*(

Decisions, decisions...

Does your wardrobe echo or is it bursting at the seams like mine?