Monday 26 July 2010

Where's my Background Gone?

I don't know if you are seeing my blog the way I am but it appears that my background has waltzed off.

Where did it go?

Will it return? Should I just go get another background?

Or is it just me going quietly insane seeing mysterious disappearing backgrounds that to everyone else are all present and correct?

Sunday 18 July 2010

Random Thought #8 - Lack of Random Thoughts

My random thought today is that it would appear that I haven't had a random thought in some time.

Which would mean that all my thoughts have been reasonable and sensible - but surely that can't be true! ;-)

Saturday 17 July 2010

The Bargain Hunter Strikes Again!

Although men are often seen as the hunter gatherers, evolution has created a type of woman who can rival the male hunter and get a thrill from it too. They are the 'Bargain Hunters'.

And as a bargain hunter myself I want to point out I'm not referring to some TV show where you buy antiques [although antiques bargain hunters no doubt exist – and by that I don't mean they are really old ;-)]. I mean a true bargain hunter, the type who bides their time. Who doesn't just grab the first thing they can find because it's 50% off.

I just had one of those triumphant moments when a good game of bargain hunting has taken place.

Time period: 1 week

Hunting ground: eBay and Amazon

Prey: a pair of boots

I wasn't sure at first if I would really like this particular style of boot. I thought in the wrong colour they would look a little too masculine for me. But then I found them in the most perfect colour. Any guesses? That's right – purple. Well they are actually lilac but I don't discriminate between shades of purple - I love them all! 

These boots however retail at £100! But on Amazon [one of my favourite online shopping venues, along with Etsy] I found a pair for £56. I still thought this was a little high and so, while I waited for pay day to come back round I decided to make enquiries elsewhere.

On eBay I found a pair that were the ankle length version of the boots I had seen [those one being calf length]. At the time they were going for £10.50 with 6 days left. So I put in a maximum bid of £25.

I was immediately outbid…by 10p!

I decided I didn't want to let them go for an amount so close to my maximum bid and so I added a miserly £1.50 on top of my original bid and suddenly I was winning.

Meanwhile on Amazon the price for the calf length boots was running at £53. For two days I kept going back to eBay, praying that I wasn't outbid but knowing that in reality I would have been. For two days my bid was the highest – TWO DAYS!

But inevitably I was outbid with one day to go. More bidding had taken place and I wasn't prepared to go higher than the current high bid.

Dejected I traipsed off to Amazon to gaze longingly at the calf length boots [that to be honest I'd always preferred to the ankle boots – and I'm not just saying that because I was outbid]. I clicked on my 'wish list' and the boots appeared on my screen.

But what was this? The price had changed again. They were now…


Needless to say I have bought them…and that bargain hunting thrill has certainly brightened up my day! :D

Sunday 11 July 2010

Under Construction

Do you hear all that building work going on next door? No?

Well I'll wait a moment for your imagination to kick in.


That should be long enough. Now do you hear it? The hammering and the sawing? Yes?


That is the sound of my new blog being built, just down the corridor.

I realised recently that although I started this blog with the intention of it being about writing it has descended in to a purple mayhem overflowing with fish tanks and handbags.

So I thought that this blog can continue to be as the title suggests - random.

My new blog, which I intend to go live on 1st August 2010, will focus on the amount of writing/research that I am doing. It will be sort of journal like in style and if you want to read it you can...if you don't then fair enough. It will be a 'progress meter'. I'm not even going to have a hit counter on it.

Why the 1st August I hear you ask? I thought it best to start at the beginning of a month...and 1st July had already come and gone [isn't the year going by fast?].

I don't think I will be posting any of my actual writing and ideas online just yet though. Not that I'm paranoid or don't trust you but if any one did plagiarise me it would be inconvenient for me. It would cost me a lot of time and money to follow you round all day shouting 'You stole my ideas, you plagiariser!' ;-)

Sunday 4 July 2010

A Tale of Five Fish: Part 3 - An Update

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fish tank...

After my last tale about the fish tank I thought that was the end of it. Mac [the Knife Holmes] seemed a little depressed at first, skulking around in the bottom of the tank. Then he perked up and was dashing around the tank as happy as ever.

But then...

The other day we noticed something strange about him. The night before he had been fine and now...he was missing most of his tail!

It would appear that Mac [the Knife Holmes] has got fin rot. :-(

So we have treated the water in a bid to save him.

Poor fishy...he has lost almost all of his tail but on the plus side that was a few days ago now and it hasn't got any worse and it does not appear to have spread to the rest of his fins.

Lets hope though that we weren't too late...