Monday 30 August 2010

Random Thought #12 - Winter

Me thinks it may almost be time to get the winter wardrobe out again.

And it only seems like five minutes ago that I put it away. *sigh*

Saturday 28 August 2010

Having Too Many Hobbies

I have too many hobbies. and not enough time to do them all in.

My current hobbies include:
  • cross stitch
  • card making
  • making/customising clothes
  • reading
  • 1940/50s vintage clothes/hairstyles etc
Add to this that I also have to work, write [hopefully one day work and write will be classed as one thing], eat and sleep, I don't have a lot of time left...although I do have some spells of doing absolutely nothing, which I also enjoy.

All this and what do I do? I decide to take up sketching again!

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Suicidal Pedestrians!

Why do some people not look before they step in to the road? Do they all have a death wish? Or were they absent when the 'Green Cross Code' was taught at school.

Yesterday I went to pick up my sister and on the way home three different people decided that getting hit by a car might be fun. By the way I did not hit any of the people involved.

The first was an elderly man who decided to step in front of me as I turned a corner. I saw him walking down the road, I slowed down, indicated, got to the turn before he did and started to turn when he stepped in to the road and then saw me. He glared at me as though it was all my fault. As though I wasn't indicating, as though I was doing 100mph, as though I had rolled down the window and shouted '10 points, Grand Theft Auto' at him.

Yes I appreciate that being elderly he may have been deaf...but he wasn't wearing glasses. He didn't have a white stick or a guide dog with him. If he had looked before he stepped in to the road then he would have seen me.

Second incident was as I came down a hill approaching a main road. I saw two cyclists begin to cross to the island in the middle of the road. But rather than stopping there until I had gone past, or even slowing down and checking to see if anything was coming, they decided to just cycle straight out in front of me. I can only be glad that I was approaching a junction and was therefore slowing down.

One of the cyclists was a friend of my sister, who when my sister mentioned it to her said 'sorry but I couldn't stop'. My sister is not as sarcastic as me. Had it been me I would have been very tempted to say 'it is a shame that they haven't come up with something for bikes that slows them down, maybe even stops them kind of like a brake on a car'.

The final incident occurred as I came round the corner on my street. A woman with a push chair was crossing the road diagonally so it took longer for her to get across. I had to slow down so that I wouldn't get too close. And not once did she look to see if there was anything coming. She may have been deaf, however a lack of road safety knowledge is more probable, and if I had nearly hit her she would have given me a mouthful of abuse.

It's not difficult - stand on the side of the road. Listen for traffic, look left, look right. Then start crossing IF it is safe, whilst still looking and listening. I can't see what is hard about that.

I now declare this rant over - just remember to look next time you cross the road!

image is a wallpaper from

Saturday 14 August 2010

I Look a Lot Younger Than I Am!

That is enough to have everyone hating me but it can be a little irritating at times to be constantly asked for ID. It's not so bad when going in to clubs and bars - the bouncers have a quick look, see what year I was born and in I go...granted I am usually dolled up to the nines as well. Make-up and the right clothes do make me look slightly older...but only slightly, probably by about a month or something! ;-)

Anyway when it is really irritating is when I have a lack of make-up, I'm wearing my uniform of t-shirt, jeans and Converse, and I try to get in to a film or buy alcohol.

I recently went to see a film rated a '12' and when I looked at the ticket later the assistant had put me through the till as a teenager...which I haven't been for six years now. On the plus side it meant I got in slightly cheaper, but that was the assistant's fault not mine. Anyway a couple of years ago I went to see a film rated '15' with my younger brother and I was the one who got asked for ID!

Next irritating incident happened a couple of weeks ago when I went to buy alcohol from a supermarket, which I don't do a lot because of the confusion my age causes. I had my drivers license out ready as I knew that I would be asked, it is their job to ask. You always see those signs that say 'think 21' or sometimes 'think 25'. If I can't get in to a film rated '15' without being asked what are the odds I can pass for 21?
So back to the story I hand the check-out assistant my ID when prompted and she must have stared at it for a full minute. She then placed it on the counter while I was packing my shopping bags. Before I could pick it up she asked me what my date of birth was and picked it back up and continued to stare at it for another 30 seconds. She then told me that I don't look it and let me have my license back.

One good thing about looking so much younger is the look on people's faces when they ask me how old I am. It was recently my birthday and some of my colleagues were completely gobsmacked when I told them age. The look of astonishment is always priceless! Although I am sick of hearing 'You'll appreciate it when you're older.' Yes I probably will appreciate it when I'm older..but right now it gets on my nerves.

As you can see from my experience looking younger than I am has it's pros and cons.

Another of my colleagues recently asked my age as we were discussing going out and she said I didn't look old enough. I told her and she then told me how old she thought I looked. The answer to how old do I look does tally with my experiences.

So I can declare that I have recently turned the tender old age of 25...but I only look 17!

Monday 9 August 2010

Saturday 7 August 2010

Random Thought #10 - Randomly Strange

Earlier on I was on my way somewhere when we came up to a lights controlled crossroads.

We were on a busy main road and the lights changed to green. As we went through the crossroads on our left, were two youths who were coming through a red light...on a mobility scooter!

Clearly with a death wish!!!!

Random Thought #9 - Tall Actors

Watching old movies brings random thoughts to mind.

With how tall Christopher Lee and Vincent Price are you could put them either side of your door and use them as columns for a porch!

However you'd have to add 1 inch to Vincent Price in order for the roof to be level.

I imagine it would be kind of like the clock on Count Duckula where the 2 characters come out and have a talk every so often! =D

Friday 6 August 2010

A Tale of Five Fish: Part 4 - Another Update

It has just occured to me that maybe this 'saga' should now be called 'The Tale of One Fish'.

For any of you that are wondering - MAC THE FISH STILL LIVES!!!!!

His tail appears to be very slowly growing back, and he has a couple of black marks on it that are apparently a sign of healing.

Black marks can also mean a parasite but it is unlikely for three reasons:
  1. They are too big and aren't uniform enough to be a parasite
  2. Mac is still alive and a parasite would probably have killed him by now
  3. Mac can't be that unlucky - to lose 4 tank mates, his tail and then get a parasite!
My mum won't buy any more fish though until his tail has regrown, just in case.

I suppose this story really has become a fishy tail! *groan*